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50 Cent Lyrics

Chill Rap (2017)

Petty - Single (2017)

Def Jam Presents: Direct Deposit Vol. 1 (2016)

Choices (Yup) [Deluxe Remixes] (2015)

Power (Soundtrack from the Starz Original Series) (2014)

Swaggaholix: Deluxe (2012)

Meyer Lansky (2011)

Real Steel: Music From and Inspired By The Motion Picture (2011)

H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger for More) (2010)

Blood On The Sand: The Soundtrack (2009)

Statue Of Liberty (2009)

The Mobb Files (2009)

Un Junte Pa' La Historia (2009)

50 x 50 (CD) (2007)

G-Unit Radio Part 25 - Sabrina's Baby Boy (2007)

Game Time (Mixtape) (2007)

G-Unit Radio Part 21 - Hate It or Love It (2006)

G-Unit Radio Part 22 - HipHop Is Dead, Verse 2 (2006)

G-Unit Radio Part 14 - Back To Business (2005)

Bad Boy's 10th Anniversary: The Hits (2004)

Barbershop 2: Back in Business Soundtrack (2004)

G-Unit Radio Part 6 - Motion Picture Shit (2004)

G-Unit Radio Part 7 - King Of New York (2004)

G-Unit Radio Part 9 - G-Unit City (2004)

24 Shots (2003)

G-Unit Radio Part 1 - Smokin Day 2 (2003)

G-Unit Radio Part 3 - Takin It To The Streets (2003)

G-Unit Radio Part 4 - No Peace Talks! (2003)

Invasion Part II: Conspiracy Theory (2003)

The New Breed (Bonus Disc) (2003)

Bring It On (Music from the Motion Picture) (2000)

K.O.B.E. (2000)

From Paris with Love

Game Tight - The Very Best of Game Recordings

Get Rich or Die Tryin' Soundtrack

Get Rich or Die Tryin' Soundtrack

Hardhood Classics Vol. 1

I Smell P*ssy [Explicit]

Major Distribution - Single

No Mercy, No Fear

Rap is Poetry

The Game - How We Do (Remix)

The Lenny Grant Story

The Revolution (artist: 2Pac)


The Worst of Gemini

Validation - Attack of the Grunge

Other Songs

#TBE The Curse Of Mayweather
'Till I Collapse (Freestyle)
(Pray 4) My Downfall
187 Yayo
21 Questions
21 Questions/21 Answers
300 Bars & Runnin'
5 Heartbeats
5 Senses
50 Bars
50 Cent's Tattoos
50 For President
50 Shot Ya
50's My Favourite
6 Out Of 6 (Get Gully)
8 Mile Road (G-Unit Remix)
9 Shots
A Baltimore Love Thing
A Lil Bit of Everything U.T.P.
After My Chedda
Air Your Ass Out
All His Love
All I Wanna Do
All of Me
Altered Ego
Amusement Park
Angels Around Me
Animal Ambition
Animal Ambition [Album Art + Tracklist]
As the World Turns
Así Soy
Ayo Technology
Ayo Technology
Baby By Me
Baby By Me (Original)
Baby Get On Your Knees
Baby U Got
Back Down
Back Seat
Backstage Pass
Bad Luck
Bad news
Bang Bang
Banks Victory
Banks Workout
Banks Workout Pt. 2
Be a Gentleman
Be My Bitch
Before I Self Destruct - Album Art
Before I Self Destruct - Thank You's
Beg for Mercy
Best Friend
Best Friend (Remix)
Betta Ask Somebody
Better Come on Your A Game
Better Walk
Big Body Benz
Big Rich Town
Bitch What U Know About
Bitch! (Remix)
Blood Hound
Blow it Out (Remix)
Body Bags
Body On It
Bonafide Hustler
Boy Boy
Bring it All to Me (Remix)
Bring My Bottles
Build You Up
Bump Dat Street Mix
Bump Heads
Bump That
Bump This
Burner on Me
Business Mind
Buzzin' (Remix)
C.R.E.A.M. 2009
Call Me
Can I Speak To You
Can't Help Myself
Can't Leave 'Em Alone
Candy Shop
Casualties of War
Catch Me in the Hood
Chapter 3: Turn Shit into Sugar - Opportunism
Chase the Paper
Chase You Outta Here
Ching Ching Ching
Choices (Yup) [G-Mix]
Church for Thugs
Clap Those Thangs
Click Clack Pow Officer Down
Click Clack Pow Officer Down Remix
Close to Me
Clue Shit!
Collapse (G Unit Freestyle)
Come and Get Me
Come And Get You
Come and Go
Comfortable (Remix)
Corner Bodega (Coke Spot)
Could've Been You
Could've Been You (Alternate Version)
Count On Me
Crack a Bottle
Crack a Bottle
Crack a Bottle (Original Demo)
Crime Wave
Cry Me a River (Remix)
Cuffin Season (Remix)
Curtis - Album Art
Curtis 187
Cutmaster C Shit
Da Repercussions
Damn Homie
Dead a Pussy Nigga
Death To My Enemies
Definition Of Sexy
Die 2Nite
Digital Scale
Disco Inferno
Disco inferno - live from sessions @ aol
Do it Like Me
Do it Myself
Do You Think About Me
Do Your Thing
Don't Push Me
Don't Tell 'Em
Don't Turn On Me
Don't Worry 'Bout It
Doo Wop Freestyle
Double Up
Down On Me
DPG Unit
Drama Never Ends
Dreamin' Remix
Drinking, smoking
Drug Money
El Sobreviviente (Intro)
Encore / Curtains Down
Entourage (Remix)
Everybody's Circulation
Everything Ok
Everytime I Come Around
Everywhere I Go
Eye for Eye
Fast Lane
Fat Bitch
Feel My Heart Beat
Financial Freedom
First Date
Flight 187
Flip on You
Follow Me Gangster
Follow My Lead
Forgive Me
Free Again
Fuck You
Fully Loaded Clip
Funeral Music (Cam'Ron Diss)
Funk Flex (Guess Who's Back Freestyle)
Funny How Time Flies
G'd Up
G'd Up
G-Unit / U.T.P.
G-Unit Soliders
G-Unit That's What's Up
Game Don't Change
Gangsta Shit
Gangsta'd Up
Gangsta's Delight
Gatman and Robbin
Get Busy
Get Down
Get High All The Time
Get In My Car
Get It Hot
Get Low
Get On The Floor
Get Out the Club
Get Rich or Die Tryin [Tracklist + Album Art]
Get That Money
Get the Message
Get The Money
Get Up
Get Ya Boy
Ghetto Like A Motherfucker (Freestyle)
Ghetto Qu'ran (Forgive Me)
Girls Go Wild
Girls Go Wild
Give It to Me
God Gave Me Style
Going Crazy*
Got Me a Bottle
Gotta Get Mine
Gotta Make it to Heaven
Green Lantern
Grew Up
Groupie Love
Gun Runners
Gunz Come Out
Gunz For Sale
Háblame Bajito
Hail Mary
Hands Up
Hands up high (Remix)
Happy New Year
Hate Bein' Sober
Hate It or Love It
Hate it or Love It (Da MVP)
Hate It or Love It (G-Unit Remix)
Hate Speech on Uni Head
Have a Party
Heartless Monster
Here We Go Again
High all the Time
Hip Hop (The Bomb)
Hit 'Em Up
Hit you up
Hold Me Down
Hold On
Hold On
Hos Hos
Hotel Harlot
How to Rob
How We Do
How We Do (Remix)
How You Like Me Now (NFL Draft 2013)
How You Move It
Hustler's Ambition
I Ain't Gonna Lie
I Bet
I Don't Fuck with You
I Don't Know Officer
I Don't Need 'Em
I Get High
I Get It In
I Get Money
I Get Money
I Get Money (Forbes 1, 2, 3 Remix)
I Get Money (Remix)
I Get Money - Forbes 1,2,3 Remix
I Go Off
I Got Swag
I Gotta Win
I Just Wanna
I Know You Don't Love Me
I Line Niggas
I Run New York
I Run NY
I Smell Pussy
I Smell Pussy
I Wanna Benz
I Warned You
I'll Do Anything
I'll Still Kill
I'll Whip Ya Head Boy
I'll Whip Ya Head Boy (Remix)
I'm a Hustler
I'm a Pimp
I'm a Rider
I'm a Soldier
I'm A Stop
I'm All Turn't Up
I'm An Animal
I'm Gonna Be Alright (Track Masters Remix)
I'm On It
I'm Paranoid
I'm So Fly (Remix)
I'm So Hood
I'm So Sorry (Feat. Llody Banks, Young Buck & The Game)
I'm Supposed to Die Tonight
I'm the Man
I'm the Man (Remix)
If Dead Men Could Talk
If I Can't
If U Leaving, Then Leave
Im The Man (Feat. 50 Cent & Sonny Digital) Remix
In Cold Blood (Remix)
In Da Club
In Da Club
In Da Club (Radio Edit)
In Da Hood
In My Hood
In the Dark (50 Cent Remix)
Intro (Curtis)
Intro (Get Rich or Die Tryin')
Intro (The Massacre)
Irregular Heartbeat
It's Alright
It's Simple, Ain't It?
Jimmy Crack Corn
Just a Lil' Bit
Just a Touch
Just Fuckin' Around (Mase Freestyle)
Keep It Movin'
Keep Talkin'
Killa Tape Intro
Last Chance
Lay Down (Smoked)
Lay You Down
Leaving Interscope
Let Me Be the 1
Let Me In
Let's Get It In
Let's Raise It Up
Liar Liar
Like A G6 (Remix by 50 Cent)
Like My Style
Live & Die Freestyle
Live Mike Stud Diss #HoodieMafia
London Girl
London Girl Pt.2
Look Out
Look What You Made Me Do
Love Me
Love, Hate, Love
Loyal to the Game
Loyal to the Game (Posthumous)
Magic Stick
Magic Stick
Major Distribution
Make A Movie Out Em
Mama Africa (Remix)
Man Down
Man's World
Many Men (Wish Death)
Material Girl 2000
Maybe We Crazy
Mean Mug
Michael Jackson Freestyle
Mind Sex
Mind's Playing Tricks
Money by Any Means
Movin' On Up
Mujeres in The Club
Murder One
My Buddy
My Confessions
My Crown
My Gun Go Off
My House
My Life
My Toy Soldier
Nah I'm Talking Bout
Nah Nah Nah
Never Enough
New Chick
New Chick (Remix)
New Day
New Day Remix ( Snippet Version )
New York Times
Nigga Nigga
Nigga What's Up
Niggas Be Scheming
No Dejemos Que Se Apague
No Romeo No Juliet
No Way Out
Non Stop (Street King Energy Track #4)
Not Exactly How We Planned
Not Rich, Still Lyin' (Game Diss)
Off And On
Officer Ricky (Go Head, Try Me)
Oh No
Ok, You're Right
Old 2003 Ferrari
On & On
On Everything
On Fire
On Something*
Ooouuu (Remix)
Outta Control
Outta Control (Remix)
P.I.M.P (G-Unit Remix)
P.I.M.P Pt.2
P.I.M.P. (Remix)
Paper Chaser
Paper Touchin (Remix Part One)
Part Time Lover
Pass the Patron
Patiently Waiting
Payback (P's and Q's)
Pearly Gates
Peep Show
Piggy Bank
Pimpin' Pt. 2
Places to Go
Planet 50
Play This on the Radio
Poor Lil Rich
Poppin' Them Thangs
Porno Star
Position of Power
Power of the Dollar
PT2 & Bump Heads
Puppy Love
Pussy So Good
Put A Hole in Yo Back
Put That Work In
Put Your Hands Up
Queens, NY
Rap Game
Real Quick
Realest Killaz
Realest Niggas
Reddit AMA
Redrum (Murder)
Reebok (Interlude)
Remain Calm (Al Qaeda Bomb)
Respect it or Check It
Rich Kids
Right There
Riot (Remix)
Roll That Shit
Rotten Apple
Rotten Apple
Round Here
Rowdy Rowdy
Run Up on Me
Ryder Music
Sandbox Interlude
Say My Name
Say What You Want
Se os lige nu
Season 1: Cast
See Me Bleeding
Send You To Hell
Sexy Ladies (Remix)
Sexy Lil' Thug (Remix)
Shady Murder
Shooting Guns
Short Stay
Shot Down
Shout Outs
Show You
Signs To Independent Label Caroline/Capitol
Ski Mask Way
Ski Mask Way (Eminem Remix)
Slow Dough
Slow Down Baby
Slow Ya Roll
Smile (I'm Leavin)
SMS Get The Message
SMS Get The Message (Freestyle)
So Amazing
So Disrespectful
So Seductive
So Serious
South Side
Spend Some Time
Statute Of Limitations
Stay On the Grind
Still Think I'm Nothing
Stop Crying
Straight Murda
Straight Outta Southside
Straight to the Bank
Straight to the Bank RMX
Street King Energy
Stretch Armstrong Freestyle
Strong Enough
Stunt 101
Stunt 101
Suicide Watch
Sunday Morning
Surrounded By Hoes
Swag Level
Syllables (Remix)
Take it to the Top
Talk About Me
Talk Of The Town
Talking in Codes
Teen Spirit (Remix)
That Ain't Gangsta
That's What's Up
The 50th Law Introduction
The Change (Freestyle Cypher)
The Enforcer
The Forbes Five: Hip-Hop's Wealthiest Artists 2012
The Forbes Five: Hip-Hop's Wealthiest Artists 2013
The Funeral
The Game - Hate It or Love It
The Glow Of A Thug
The Good Die Young
The Hit
The Infamous
The Invitation
The Massacre Album Art
The Massacre [Tracklist]
The Mechanic
The Paper (I Get It)
The Plug
The Psycho
The Re-Up
The Realest Niggaz
The World
Then Days Went By
These Niggas Aint Hood
They Burn Me
Things Change
Things We Do
This Big
This is 50
This Is Murder Not Music
This Is Murder Not Music (Remix)
This Is Murder Not Music Remix
This Is Murder, Not Music (Official Remix)
Thug Love
Thug Poet
Tia Told Me (Rick Ross, DJ Khaled & Fat Joe Diss)
Tired of Being Broke
To All My Niggas
To Love & Die
Tony Yayo Explosion
Too Hot
Too Rich for the Bitch
Toot It & Boot It (G-Mix)
Toot It and Boot It (50 Cent Remix)
Touch Me
Touch the Sky
Track 10
True Loyalty
Tryna Fuck Me Over
Tupac Shakur - Rolling Stone Entry
Turn The Lights On
U Not Like Me
U Should Be Here
United Nations
Untitled* 2
UP! (Remix)
Victory 2004 (Album Version)
Wait 'til Tonight
Wait a Minute (Remix)
Wait a Minute (Remy Ma Remix)
Wait a Minute (Waka Remix)
Wanna Get to Know You
Wanna Lick
Wanna Lick Magic Stick Pt 2
Warrior Pt.2
Watch Your Back
We All Die One Day
We Both Think Alike
We Don't Give a Fuck
We Don't Play That Pussy Shit
We Gonna Hit Yo Ass Up
We Interviewed the Shit Out of 50 Cent (Eminem Excerpt)
We Run These Streets
We Up
Welcome to My World
Westside Story
What Do You Got
What Goes Around
What If
What Up Gangsta
What Up Gangsta Part 2
What's Clean: 50 Cent
When Death Becomes You
When I Pop The Trunk
When it Rains it Pours
When You Hear That
Where I'm From (All Eyez On Us G-Unit Radio Part 5)
Who U Rep With
Whoo Kid
Whoo Kid Freestyle
Whoo Kid Kayslay Shit!
Why You Mad At Me? (Remix)
Why You Mad?
Window Shopper
Winners Circle
Words From Eminem
Work It (Remix)
Xombie In Da Club
You A Killer..Cool
You a Shooter
You Ain't No Gangsta
You Already Know
You Don't Know
You Heard Me
You Know
You Like Me Better Rich
You Should Be Dead
You So Tough
You Took My Heart
You Want Beef With Me?
You're Not Ready
Your Life's on the Line
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